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Eye Witness Anecdotes From The Ultimate Dance Music Underground...

LATEST NEWS - The book arrived in the nick of time to satisfy Christmas orders - sincere thanks to everyone who purchased a copy and for your kind comments since. The limited hardback edition has sold particuarly well - each comes complete with the souvenir single (Jackie Ross/Marvin Gaye), artwork memorabilia and book mark and are numbered 1 to 500. The limited editions are available direct from SOULVATION. All orders sent out same day received.

Some of the memorabilia included with the hardback eidtion

Lovingly compiled/written by Neil Rushton, this collection of breathless"I was there" quotes tellsthe story of the Northern Soul scene. It goes on a journeyfrom the early roots of the 60's before the name "Northern Soul" had even been coined (and comes up with new insighton who came up with the phrase), takes in the70's high octanegolden era dominated by key clubs like Wigan Casino, Blackpool Mecca, The Torch and The Catacombs, and finishes with the post Casino renaissance.

The story is told via quotes from and interviewswith key players from the mostly black Americans who created the music and the mostly white and working class British kids who discovered joyous but forgotten adrenalin rammed Soul gems from another continent, adopted it, cherished it and created a unique "this thing of ours" sub-culture.

The book is 256 pages long and is full-colour with every storyillustrated with vivid eye-catching graphics from Glenn Gunton of Joe Boy Records. The result is a fitting tribute to the Northern Soul phenomenon.

"Vibrantly written and exquisitely illustrated, this book provides a valuable insight into the strange world of Northern Soul. Simply brilliant."
Mike Ritson, co-author of "The In-Crowd" and editor of "manifesto" ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Neil has, unlike some others, not tried to re-write history or to perpetuate the unnecessary cliches, but instead he has researched, via the artists. producers,DJ's and record dealers,to bring us a credible insight into exactly what made the rare (Northern) scene so romantically resilient. It's a thoughtprovoking revealing read which I am sure you will treasure."
Richard Searling ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"This book isn't a cold litany of rare record minutiae. Instead it's a vivid kaleidoscope of memory flashes told in colourful reminiscences and powerful pictures that perfectly captures the birth and growth of Britain's most unusual music counter-culture."
Tony Cummings, "Black Music" and "The Sound Of Philadelphia" ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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1 to 500 individually numbered. Featuring exclusive 7 inch souvenir single "Trust In Me" - Jackie Ross (exquisite Soul stuck in the Chess vaults for many years, never before released on a seven-inch single) b/w "Lucky Lucky Me" - Marvin Gaye (another gem from the 60's which evaded release at the time, this is the vocal to Earl Van Dyke's huge Sixties Club Soul anthem "All For You") plus special extras.

Only 34.99 plus 5 postage and packing (UK only).

Deluse Softback REGULAR EDITION BOARDBACK (thin cased)

A superb value edition of Northern Soul Stories that will not disapoint. Features all 256 pages and is case-bound with a striking yellow cover.

De-Luxe Softback 19.99 plus 5 postage and packing (UK only).


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"Good things come to those who wait, it is said. Well, the Northern Soul scene has certainly been waiting a scandalously long time for a book to do it justice. that oversight has now been corrected. This book is not good, it's awesome."
Neil Rushton

"For anyone with a leaning towards anything to do with Northern Soul, or for that matter the '60s Mod scene, The In Crowd is an essential - no make that invaluable - purchase."
Mark Sargeant, Scootering

Original Softback Edition 19.99 plus 5 postage and packing (UK only).

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